girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,

mid week outing

I did something today that normally I’d dread – I veered off my well worn weekly path off home, shower, TV and work, then bed – and happily headed out to catch up with some friends. Kindly I was allowed to bring the pups, who is not the most well behaved of creatures. And who hates the car. And I’m a horrible person in continuing to force him to go in the car under the theory that eventually he will get over it. I note, I absolutely refuse this kind of therapy to address my own phobias.

I had a lovely night. So good to sit with good friends, laugh, confess all my crazy, and be talked down off the Too Much Bus. Lots of fantastic advice and solutions and I’m inspired to head off and throw myself back into the fray. What more can a person ask for?


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