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Let's take it slow

Apparently its August. Who authorised that?

Cautious testing seems to indicate that my headache is less today. I'm not going to push it. I'm going to go out for brunch or some such and not hang out in front of the computer all day today (yet).

I've been thinking a lot about petermball's 80 point plan in the pursuit of awesomeness. I kinda want one of my own. But you can't pull that out of thin air, you kinda have to really ponder that which you think will bring yourself said feelins ie what you want to achieve. I'm moving towards writing a list for myself. But in the mean time, I thought I would document, for future comparisons, areas of my life that offer me background stress and prevent my achieving awesomeness.

My main stash and to read queue area. I say main because it is not the only. I have another major to read queue in my bedroom as the bedhead has one long bookshelf. Anyway, this bookcase basically represents Potential. Potential projects I want to do and books I want to read. The books are at least double stacked and the number seem to only grow in size.

This would be my working space for Twelfth Planet Press admin mostly. I don't edit or publish from here. Note the huge pile of unreconciled and unfiled bills and invoices *under* the keyboard.

And finally, the ASif! review copy racks. This is actually in pretty good shape. We've got some reviewers on the team at the moment who are really eating through the review pile. Course the pile still exists so if you're interested in becoming a reviewer, drop me a line.


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