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Basketball and the Art of Zen

So that game that the bf made the controversial call in last week? They went down in 2 games and didn't have to play the third - thank goodness since the bf was scheduled for that and it would have been a grudge match. It means though that the correct outcome came about.

So the bf got called to fill in for a woman's quarter final this weekend. I went along as we were going out later. Somehow I managed to be sitting in and amongst the fans of a team who are pretty much the worst of them. Their men's fans are not at all better. Anyway, so I'm sitting there reading my book, not all that interested in the game. Hardly any fouls were called, nor needed to be called, but this group of people objected to them all, or thought some should be called that weren't. I started to pay an interest - two girls running down the court, neither have the ball and collide. Foul! they shout (so not). A girl tries to make a basket, they all jump up, four come down on a pile on top of each other. Foul! they shout (so not). Their team player comes round for the ball and whacks her hand down on the other players head from above. Foul! is called by the ref. Soft! they shout (so not). So i start to get annoyed and start heckling the referee (the bf) every time their players shoot for a basket and miss. Come on ref! You should have made that basket!!! Come on ref!! that's your fault! I shout. I get bored after about the 20th miss in the quarter and I realise two things. 1. The refereeing really has nothing to do with the outcome of that game and 2. I was watching *really* crap basketball.

At the final play a jump ball is called. These days they no longer do those and there is an arrow which alternates so that 50% of the time you get the ball. Time out is called and when they come back, they play the jump ball - pass at the centre of the court "Hey!!!" a woman near me shrieks "The ball was down there!!!" and I'm like "Lady, it was a jump ball" and the lady in front of me, supporting the other team, looks round and says "yeah" and then "tell her!" as lady 1 walks past. So I do. And she shrieks "So?!" And I explain that like that's how the play goes and she shrieks at me "I know!!! It was already explained to mmeeeee"

My point was missed on them - too subtle but all the same, these people really are idiots. I mean it's no different to the rest of life where the people who shout the loudest tend to know the least. I need to find a place to sit where I'm not amongst loonies who are commentating some other game where their team is highly skilled and the refereeing is appalling. Especially since most of the time they don't understand the rules and when they explain to the person next to them they are spreading the crap. When they rocked up, one guy had two long umbrellas and he said he was going to use them to poke the refs. I know we have a tradition of paying out on refs but like WTF? The bf is in the top 4-6 state refs, he's good at what he does. Why is the presumption that its the ref's fault when those chicks seriously couldn't sink the baskets?

Anyway, I'm making up a Tshirt to wear next season - "Don't blame the ref if your player can't shoot" or "Ref's are people too". Thing is, ref's are supposed to be unbiased - and they are. So I have to be too. And I need to stop *getting involved*.


I don't get it

This is going to be a new regular posting thing here from now on. It has another title but I'm sure you'll get the drift soon enough.

I Don't Get It #1
This is my fifth year of tagging along to the bball as a Basketball Widow. For five years now, the procedure upon arrival is this - the bf, wearing his referee uniform, informs the person on the door of his name, this person ticks his name off the program and he and I walk through. The program is a list of the players on each team playing that night, the coaches for each team and the game officials who each are allowed to bring one guest. Other spectators have to pay for entry.

This week, the bf shows up, dressed in his uniform, tells the lady his name and as he does so, points to where he is listed at the bottom of the programme -
"[the bf's name] ..... referee".
We go to walk through and she says to me "and are you [the bf's name] too?" and I look at her puzzled. And I'm like ...."nooooooo...." and she says, "Well people have to pay to go in". And I say,"referee's get a guest".

I'm so *over* this state's basketball league. It's so amateurish and lacking of anything that makes anyone want to be committed long term. If I were running it, I'd (and I know this is cultural here) have special seating for the supporters of game officials and I'd serve them coffee and cake or whatever during the game or at half time or whatever. Nescafe coffee costs what 30c? And a tim tam? Versus making people feel like their time and effort and sacrifice- he gets $100 a game on a Saturday night and petrol is only refunded for the very long trips ie more than 1 hours drive out of the city (there are a few stadia 1 hour's drive away) and frankly, there are better things to do on a Saturday night than be yelled at for doing a shit job and getting a lousy $100 for it.

Anyway, back to the story. So the lady says, "Oh! You didn't *say* you were the referee". And the bf and I stood there staring. He was dressed in the uniform and then he again points to right where he had pointed before where it said "[the bf's name] ..... referee".

For the rest of the evening I kept wondering what she had originally thought. Why would someone randomly have their name on the program to be ticked off????

I Don't Get it #2

Often when I get my coffee and muffin in the morning, secretaries and similar come down to the shop with huge office orders. Maybe they aren't always secretaries, maybe people take it in turns. Anyway, today I watched one with 3 separate orders on her piece of paper. She'd call out three or four items and then pay and then call out the next order. Now, this would make sense if say she had three separate money kitties on her (I've never understood that either. Why not throw in the correct change or take turns buying the coffee? Are you that mean that you don't want to cover someone's latte because you get a long black? Can you not work out change later when you get back to the office?). Anyway, I then realised that on this occasion, she was taking the money from each order out of the same envelope of communal money.
I don't get it.


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