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After a year of thinking about it (what? it was a major decision!), I've finally moved to wordpress for my personal blogging. I wasn't going to mention it here - the reasons I have moved are both professional and personal and after the last fortnight, I just wanted to move and then move on. But like the last fortnight, that would be letting a very minor few spoil the whole experience, which in truth and in general has always been positive and successful and fun.

And as Tansy just reminded me, I've invested a lot of time and myself in girliejones and the readers of this blog have invested a lot in me too. And there are so many of you whom I consider great and true friends having met you through livejournal.

So ... I have worked out how to crosspost from my new blog - Champagne and Socks (title came out of a recent episode of Galactic Suburbia) - and have enabled comments to be made here and there. The appearance still needs to be tweaked and it still needs a proper and appropriate header but I'm posting there already.

I think I've learned a lot about blogging, oversharing and the internet these nigh ten years at livejournal (I think it really has been nearly that long!). My main grappling with moving was about where to draw the line on what to blog and what not to. And the lack of the locking function. But the lock function at livejournal isn't guaranteed to protect your privacy anyway so I am taking a step back in the level of sharing. And that was something that was sad for me. I'm still figuring out where the line is and that will take a while to adjust to. But hopefully it's still mostly me and as honest as I can be. I just have learned that sometimes it's far better to just say nothing at all.

Thank you for reading me and for believing in me.


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