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I have been remiss

I am catching up on all things, and here are a few reviews and whatnot I haven't posted about yet.

Kate Elliott wrote a lovely review of Glitter Rose recently:

The collection has lovely writing, first of all, and a nuanced and mature sense of characterization, by which I mean that people have mixed and ambivalent motives and aren't all one thing or another, and the journey the narrator makes through the four stories is complex and felt, to me, true to the human condition. It also has a strong sense of place, and I am picky about sense of place. It is clear to me that the author knows and understands her landscape and how landscape flows through and changes people.

And of the book, itself, she said:

Twelfth Planet Press has produced a simply excellent book as a physical object. It's nice to hold and nice to look at and nice to read as pure physical considerations. This is something small presses can do very well indeed, and TPP has done it.

Glitter Rose is currently on sale for $32 (for p+H to Australia) as part of the Twelfth Planet Press Silly Season Sale, with no frills attached postage.

TPP also has a really lovely half page spread in Scoop magazine this month, featuring a review of Glitter Rose and a short interview with me. Of Glitter Rose, Scoop magazine says:

This collection of short stories paints an evocative picture of a strange new environment, against which the corruptions and frailties of its characters are laid bare.

Finally, I had time this week to set up the Twelfth Planet Press E-book Store at the website. I've been wanting to have a separate section for just our E-books for a while now and was hoping to set it up with the next round of electronic titles we're about to release. But a lot of people have started asking where our E-books are, or thinking that small press in Australia doesn't do E-books. We've had titles at Smashwords for almost two years now, I think. But I have now collected what we do have all in one place. Come back after Xmas to check out some other specials in our electronic range which we should have available by then.

Glitter Rose by Marianne de Pierres


Glitter Rose
by Marianne de Pierres
Cover art by Anna Repp, design by Amanda Rainey

The Glitter Rose quartet is set against the stunning background of Carmine Island where a decade ago spores from deep in the ocean blew in by a freak of nature and settled there. Their strange phosphorescence brings a glitter rose dusk at certain tides. Colourless at first, the sandy beaches rapidly become carpets of tiny, shining, rose-coloured grains as the sky darkens after sunset. These spores bring fierce allergies to the island locals. And maybe other, more sinister effects too. Follow Tinashi’s journey as she moves to the island, settles into island life and begins to discover just what is really happening on Carmine Island.
If you are coming to these elegant, truthful and sensuous stories for the first time I envy you. They’ll haunt your dreams, yes, but what fabulous dreams. - Trent Jamieson

Glitter Rose will be available at Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne in September and is available for preorder

Glitter Rose Collection

This morning I sent the final story to Amanda for layout for Glitter Rose. And she immediately sent me back the draft galley for the final version.

Seems like such a big milestone for what was really the smallest of acts.

I can't believe this book is nearly ready to go to the printer. The galley is ready for final proofing and that's it. I've also seen the first mockup of what will eventually become the cover. And after much searching and working and finetuning, I think what we have produced is the prettiest Twelfth Planet Press book so far. How could we not have with a title like Glitter Rose?

I get to reveal, if you don't read Marianne de Pierres' blog where she already did, that the final story, written specifically for this collection, is called "Mama Ailon". And this story beautifully completes Tinashi's story - addressing her reasons for moving to Carmine Island, exposing her demons and maybe, just maybe offering her the closure that she seeks. I think it is exquisitely bittersweet and am excited to share this story and the book with the world.

Hopefully it will be off to the printer in the next week or two.

Forthcoming boutique collection Glitter Rose by Marianne de Pierres is now available for both Australian and International preorder. Each copy of this limited edition print run will be signed and
presented in a beautiful hardbound cover, with internal black and white illustrations.

Collection: Glitter Rose

And until next Friday, we're offering Roadkill/Siren Beat or Angel Rising for just $6 plus postage for all preorders of Glitter Rose.

Glitter Rose by Marianne de Pierres

I've been working on Glitter Rose the last couple of weeks and I realised that I haven't really written much about this book other than to say it will be a boutique, single author collection. The Glitter Rose Collection will feature 5 short stories by Marianne de Pierres - 4 previously published and 1 new story for this book.

The Glitter Rose stories are set against the background of Carmine Island (an island reminiscent of Stradbroke Island, Queensland) where a decade ago spores from deep in the ocean blew in, in a freak of nature, and settled on the island. These spores bring fierce allergies to the inhabitants of the island. And maybe other, more sinister effects. As we follow Tinashi's journey of moving to and settling into island life, we get a clearer picture of just what is happening on Carmine Island.

Glitter Rose is named after the glitter-rose dusks that happen at certain tides on the island - when the last of sunset has fallen, a strange phosphorescence can be seen on the sands of the beaches. Colourless at first, it rapidly changes to a "carpet of tiny, shining, rose-coloured grains".

Glitter Rose will be available at Aussiecon 4.

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