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The house drama that refuses to die

So would you believe that I'm still not finished with the last flat? I cannot believe how many incompetent people there are in that place - they must hire specifically for that.

I get a call this morning which is a returned phonecall from my message from LAST tuesday (ie not yesterday) - he *tried* to call me yesterday - saw the missed call on my phone at 4pm, Funnily enough, I actually *do* work and was in a meeting. Anyway, since it had been *so* long, he could no longer remember what I was objecting to on my bond release form.

*What* I was objecting to was the fact that he had deducted the water bill (without first showing it to me) from Feb 17 to Aug 30 when the last bill I had paid was from Oct 17 to Mar 17th. I admit that I'm only talking about $4 here but I know you will understand my pettiness/pedantry. I feel a need to show them every single error they make here. I just CANNOT tolerate their incompetence. And I wanted to point out to him this kinda thing is how my rent ended up in credit - I'm not surprised that he couldn't follow the payment schedule, she (last manager) had made such a huge mess of it. I said to him, "you know, when you get a bill, you pull out the last one and check it?" See I have worked in the family business for over 10 years now and I'm trained. We also double check every single bank statement and bank bill etc etc. And you know what he says to me? *cough splutter* "Well the bill comes straight from the [Water Company] and so we don't check it we just assume its correct, cause you know, it's the [Water Company]". And I'm like, "But people make mistakes, I've checked every single one of your bills and they've been wrong, people make mistakes".

But ferfucks sake!!! How can you say to me with a straight face that he doesn't check the bill cause they wouldn't make a mistake when I've called to tell them they've made a mistake? Its completely illogical and ridiculous. I can tell you "they" do make mistakes. ALL THE TIME. As I said, we check all the bills and statements at work and regularly find mistakes. In this case, I actually have a receipt to show thatI have paid for Feb-Mar. So he has not a leg to stand on. And in all, from their little mistakes and double charges, they owe me close to $100. Thats $100 in sheer incompetence!!!

How much money do they make in total from incompetence??? Should I report them to the real estate agency board? Is that why he's being so nice to me??? Because they should really be investigated. And he always calls and gives me this huge apology for not returning my call sooner. Like, every time. I just sit in silence cause it's just bullshit. I think I might make a formal complaint. I was gonna let it slide. But ...

That'll teach me

to think that when someone says they are going to do something, they, you know, actually, like, DO it.

I just had a phone call from my real estate agent.

RE: gj, have all the repairs been done?
gj: No, I am still waiting for the ceiling guys to come back and the locks and screens to be put on the windows.
RE: Oh cause the property strata manager (PSM) just called me to say all the repairs were done and we could put in our claims for rent reduction now.
gj: No, the ceiling guys have to come back and sand and paint and the locks and screens have to be put on the windows.
RE: Oh, I would have thought they would have replaced the locks and screens?
gj: Well, my two neighbours have had thiers replaced but they told me that they had to ask the PSM to do it, I guess mine haven't been done because noone has hassled her to do (ie fucking you - see my last three emails, 28 voice messages and speaking to 2 other people in your firm).

Can I just take this moment to reaffirm how much I HATE real estate agents, they are truly evil. And looking at the state that the bf's mother's place was left in from her tenants it is clear to me that these people act neither for the tenant nor the owner. They totally stand in the middle and cream money off transactions.

We are taking over the second mortgage as previously discussed and need to get tenants. My mother is trying to convince us that we should get an agent and to tell the truth, I just can't bring myself to do it. Her argument is that we won't get woken up in the moddle of the night by calls to fix the hot water system or whatever, but the truth is you still have to get asked by the agent before anything gets done anyway. And watching the way repairs were done on my place? I'd rather organise them myself.


That damn house

You know, I'd blog my latest run in with my rental agent but I just can't be bothered. And what irritates me is I'm never on the upswing with these people. I am waiting for them to get back to me on my rent reduction (yes, still) and even though she only made one call a month ago, if I refrain from paying my rent *I'm* in breach of contract. And when I replied, I'm pretty sure leaving me in a place unfit for habitation is in breach of contract, I get the "have you got it declared unfit for habitation by the correct authorities?" I just told him plainly, "you'll excuse me for thinking that having to wait 3 months to get repairs done has left me skeptical that if I pay full rent now, I shall get the difference back later".

I can just see that in the next 3 weeks, before I move out, I will get a new manager who doesn't remember any of the agreement and doesn't have it on file and me owing the entire amount of bond.

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