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TPP 12 Days Before Xmas Sale

Today's special is BLEED by Peter M Ball for just $10/$15 with postage and handling.

Sale ends tomorrow night at 9pm Perth time and can be found at the Webstore.


TPP Updates

We have so much going on at Twelfth Planet Press before we take a break over the holidays (all 4 days of them!)

We have a Silly Season Sale going on with a bunch of special bundles on offer as well as a 12 Days Before Xmas Sale which started yesterday and has a different daily special. Today's til Wednesday night is a very good deal on A Book of Endings. All those are over at the Web Store.

We also have finally gotten ourselves into gear and set up a newsletter - it'll be a joint newsletter with FableCroft and will come out once every two months featuring all our latest news, sales and new and upcoming books. Those who sign up this week, go into a prize draw to win one of 4 copies of Edward Teach/Angaelien Apocalypse and upcoming Above/Below. And get a 10% discount on any TPP or FableCroft books bought before December 24th (except for the 12 Days Before Xmas Sales). You can sign up for that here

Yesterday, mondy gave a lovely review of The Company Articles of Edward Teach and The Angaelien Apocalypse here:

Of Edward Teach he says:

Obviously as a young, handsome Jewish man myself I'm drawn to stories that deal with my faith. But more then that, I loved the idea of having that juxtaposition between Islam and Judaism. At the orthodox end of the scale, both are restrictive and patriarchal faiths and both have a tendency to push their children down a certain prescribed path. I was really interested to see how this played out in the novella.

And of The Angaelien Apocalypse:

I'm going to do all of you a favour and not say anything at all about the actual plot of this gonzo novella. Part of the joy is putting your trust in Matthew and expecting that he knows where he's going. Yes, there are moments when you think there's no way your willing suspension of disbelief is going to survive the next sentence. Yet somehow he just about keeps it all together.

What I will say is that behind the jokes - of which there are some - and the satire - of which there's quite a bit - there's some really intelligent writing going on here. Not only in the way that Matthew plays with the major tenets of Christianity, but also in what he has to say about the concept of revelation and how sometimes we are all too easily swayed by the shiny lights and the need to believe in something. In some ways, this is a deeply cynical novella in what it has to say about faith. But in other ways, in the way it explores the idea of friendship and love, it provides a very hopeful message, without ever being mawkish.

He says more - check out the rest of his review.

And finally, a lovely picture of me and also of other good small press folk at Worldcon

Twelfth Planet Press Silly Season Sale!

We've started our Silly Season Sale over at the Twelfth Planet Press Web Store.

Whether you're looking for a Secret Santa or a Stocking Stuffer or a gorgeous gift book, we've got you covered!

Twelfth Planet Press Mothers' Day Sale!

We're having a Mothers' Day Sale from today to May 7th, 2010.

Mothers Day Sale!

1. Preorder Glitter Rose* and/or Horn and buy Roadkill/Siren Beat or Angel Rising for just $6 plus postage.


2. Buy any 3 books** and buy Roadkill/Siren Beat or Angel Rising for just $6 plus postage.

Offers till May 7, 2010
* All prior preorders of Glitter Rose will be honoured.
** Cost of postage will be corrected on payment.

Additionally, selected titles come with free ecopy editions, for a limited time.

All the sales prices and details are over at the Twelfth Planet Press website.

Temporary TPP Shop

Due to some server issues, the Twelfth Planet Press shop is temporarily unavailable. I'm working on getting it up and running again but in the meantime, all the Twelfth Planet Press books can be purchased via twelfthplanet here.

PLease note that Horn by Peter M Ball, is currently out of stock. However a second print run is due in the next month or so and is available for prepurchase via that link.

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