girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Didn't really get too much done last night and have been out all day - though I took sewing with me, I didn't actually pull it out.

Here's where I'm at:


Beginning to piece hexagons into bigger ... hexagons. I think I probably would have taken much longer in deciding which hexagons go with which and how exactly I want to piece them if I hadn't set his goal. Usually I would be too scared to make a decision too quickly. Now, it's forcing me to commit and execute. And that means too little time to sit and pussyfoot around. And that's working well because as I've been looking through all the pieces, the way they have been precut, even pieces from the same print are looking quite different cut down. So I'm not picking all blues say and putting them together, I'm looking at the smaller colours and shapes and so on - as I said to T last night, it's not fun if it's not hard - which explains a lot about me really.

Here are some other hexagons I tacked last night:


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