girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Letter to the writer

So I know I am not one to talk - hell, I'll admit it right now. I bet a bunch of people are looking at my ridiculous Olympics craft project and thinking "um, she owes me an email/rejection/acceptance/edit/review ..".

But um did cassiphone just write an essay about Dawson's Creek? Now, I love cassiphone AND Dawson's Creek - in fact I was about to blog and ask what the heck you do with old video tapes of the same (cause I want to get the DVDs eventually. What? Shut up!) But seriously ... an essay? She totally owes me a rewrite on a New Ceres story that breaks all boundaries and is seriously seriously saucy.

So I thought I'd remind her publicly :-)


Also - its a great essay: (In short, Dawson is a dickhead.) Not that I am encouraging her ... not at all!

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