girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Crazy Day!

If I were to summarise my day, it would be: expensive and full of laughter.

I was up at what *I* thought was the crack of dawn for a Saturday - 7am - to watch the Opening Ceremony since I missed it last night due to a wardrobe malfunction, or similar *mumble* Turns out thought that editormumhad been keeping Gwynnie from hopping into bed with me for cuddles since 6.30! Hmmm

Anyway, we had to rush off for the thing this morning so we got dressed and caught some of the ceremony and ran around losing things and looking for them and were out the door by 8am. One of these Saturday mornings I am gonna get a sleep in! I know it! editormum dropped me off at the thing and I did that and then she picked me up afterwards - great XFiles moment as I stood in a random street in a random suburb and this big grey SVU rolled up the street and stopped for me to get in. I didn't get any body parts removed, pierced or tattooed. It was all good and ... yeah .. s'all I'm sayin' about that.

Then we choofed off to a suburban shopping centre where Jakob thought it would be good for me if we found a coffee shop - they'd had breakfast already. I don't know why he wanted to leave *me* at the cafe whilst *they* went shopping!! Anyway, we caffeinated me and then we went off to browse. Which was where my day got expensive - this is in fact one of the reasons I found other things to occupy my Saturdays. If I remove myself from the shops, I cease to be a consumer! In them, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I went on a book buying binge in A&R - editormumpulled the Mum thing and demanded I put back half the books I took off the shelves *pouts*. I still ended up with 3 though!! *smiles* Then we did KMart and I bought a filing cabinet! That's the first one I ever bought and I feel awfully grown up about it. Even if i did buy all the wrong size bits and pieces to go in it.

By then it was time to head off to battblush et al for lunch! What a spread! I'm still not sure I am ready for dinner. Everytime we thought we were finished, battblushcleared the table and brought out yet another course!! Highlights for me included the vegetarian lasagne, kaelajael's Grasshopper Pie (OMG! that made me giggly) and the chocolate covered snakes!! (OMG why has no one told me these existed before?!) And the company was so much fun, even if I am just a little bit scared to go to sleep with the lights out tonight, for a multitude of reasons. Lee was in good form and I probably should not have sat next to him where I was free to get up to much mischief! I finally met kaelajael. And martinlivingsand Izz were much fun and great to catch up with again. And later on stephen_dedman and agoodliedowncame along to add to the raucousness! Children were everywhere and very crazy - especially that zombies moment where they loomed and waited for the adults to serve ourselves dessert first. Shane and Angela came in just as dessert was moving into wine and cheese and we didn't much get to chat too much with them before we had to leave - though I did receive review copies for ASif which was great!

And now I am watching the Olympics and about to tackle TPP stuffs.

How much did we suck on the men's road race?
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