girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I love writers ...

... but sometimes some of them do test my patience (Oh!! I see!!)

I just got this in my inbox tonight:

In June I sent a copy of a novella, ....

I have not received confirmation or otherwise of your receipt of it.

Could you please send me a rejection so I can try it with another publisher?

Seems I've been given an easy option there ... doesn't it?

Cute though ...

I *know* we discussed here before me sending out a standard "yes, I received it, when I know, you'll know" standard email. And really, if I would just sit down and write it, I could copy and paste them out as soon as I get the submission. But .. frankly, at the moment I am just busy keeping on top of the daily email as it is and am ridiculously swamped. It's not my day job, after all.

Still, it's cute. Where would he think he'd get a faster turnaround than two months? At least not in Australia at the moment, I'd have thought.
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