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PERTH is set to break the record for the longest winter dry spell in more than a century.

If the dry-sky forecast for this week rings true, next Saturday will mark 21 consecutive days without rain – a winter drought not seen since 1902.

The last time Perth came close to breaking this 106 year record was 30 years ago when between August 4 and 15 clear skies kept Perth dry for 18 days straight.

A ‘blocking’ high pressure system stuck over the southern ocean is stopping cold fronts from reaching the city, leaving Perth high and dry while it's still raining in the South-West, the WA Bureau of Meteorology said.

“These blocking highs are pretty persistent. They prefer to stay over cold water and are very strong, while moving very slowly from west to east,” WA meteorologist, Patrick Ward said.

“The cold fronts are just not making it up to Perth past the high.”

While bountiful July rains filled Perth dams to over 40 per cent capacity – an eight year high – water inflow into catchment areas has started to dry up.

Dam inflow has dwindled from three gigalitres daily to just half a gigalitre yesterday, according to Ben Jarvis from the WA Water Corporation.

"People are also starting to consume more water because they are turning their irrigation systems on again. But you don't need them on at this time of the year," Mr Jarvis warned.

Such an extra dry end to the season will also mean the difference between a bumper crop for Wheatbelt farmers and average yields this year, the president for the WA Farmers Federation, Mike Norton said.,21598,24185446-2761,00.html
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