girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Read me the signs! Tell me my fortune!

(I love that Buffy quote. I had it stuck in my head last weekend)

Anyway. I had THE most bizarre dream last night. Any and all interpretations most welcome.

I had a nightmare inside a nightmare - as in, in my dream, I had a nightmare which I awoke from and retold in great detail in my dream to people around me and then I woke up and remembered both in great detail. If the original dream was a nightmare then does that make the dream of the dream a nightmare?

Anyway. I dreamt that whilst I was sitting inside my (current) house, this woman came up with keys and unlocked all the doors. Because she could. And it was so creepy and frightening listening to someone on the outside of your locked house slide a key into the doorlock and open the door. In my dream, she made it through all but the last door. But, there had been other occasions where I had come home to find doors unlocked and that someone had been in my house so I was scared. I confronted this woman and (now don't laugh) she told me she was a Novelist. And that she had the keys to places so that she could go inside, if she wanted to.

I think that's all. Except that it was scary. And I am at the moment, a little paranoid about being broken into at home. Especially being there by myself. I had another dream a couple of weeks ago that someone was in the room whilst I was sleeping in my bed (although ... that was a man sized/shaped gorilla).

So yeah, maybe I am scared about being intruded on by both gorillas and novelists. *shrug*

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