girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

More on last night

I had such a good chat with my sister and brother-in-law. I can't believe they've been together 13 years (she's my younger sister). Where does time go? In fact someone asked me last night if I remembered that the kids (us) used to do X and I said, yeah that was 20 years ago. Sheesh!

Anyway, it seems that my problem (according to those two) is that I insist on dating men who are not smart enough. Hmmmm... I wonder if that means they think I should return to administering an entrance exam for the first date? (Kidding!) Still, it was really sweet listening to them - how they were talking about relationships and stuff. They're good kids.

I explained to them how mostly I feel like I am the last person left to be picked for the softball team and I get to choose from the other loser also yet to be picked. My brother-in-law suggested I date younger, you know, guys who haven't yet been to tryouts! That's not bad, I must say. And he also suggested there are guys out there who didn't even know there was a softball game on. That's also probably true.

My sister though suggested I employ a professional matchmaker. "Yeah," she says, "get them to sort it all out and you just show up on the day in the dress."

And I only got one offer to introduce me to their cousin. Apparently he was going to do it in Israel but didn't get the chance. I might let that slide (on the insulted scale) since he's French so his cousin might be French too and that's *totally* different on account of Frenchmen being HoTT.

Ahh ... but the best bit was having to sit next to the spare chair at our table. "Table Nine," my BIL remarked.
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