girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

One last thing

This morning I shortchanged someone at the sizzle. They handed over a $50 for a $2.50 roll in the middle of Hackett's last Olympic swim. And I shortchanged him by $10. Cause he came back and complained.

Thing is ... the guy running it comes over to me to explain in detail how to do change. Like I was some little girl who can't count past 10. And I couldn't fucking say anything cause ... I had just fucked up. And so I stood there and took this stupid lecture and nodded thinking that actually I had just used the exact method he was explaining to me slowly, with simulations, and it doesn't help if you are actually listening to the swim split times. And the one thing I hate most is when something thinks I am stupid.

And thing is? I did pretty much all the sales for the whole 4.5 hours I was on. Took, I dunno. A thou? And I only made one fucking mistake. *That* one. Course. The lesson I seem to be learning lately? Timing is *everything*.
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