girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes

There is *always* hope ...

A TEENAGE Iraqi girl wearing a vest packed with explosives who turned herself in rather than go through with a suicide bombing has told police and media she was drugged and forced by relatives to don the explosives.

The girl, identified only as Rania, aged 15, surrendered to police on Sunday in Baquba, capital of Iraq's restive Diyala province where Sunni Arab al-Qaeda militants are waging war on US and Iraqi forces.

She still wearing the vest when she called to police to get it off her.

"Reports are that she approached the IPs (Iraqi police) saying she had the vest on and didn't want to go through with it," US military spokesman Lieutenant Commander David Russell said.

"If she was forced to put on the vest or if she did it voluntarily, that is still being reviewed.",23599,24242621-401,00.html
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