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US Election

Just doing a bit of reading on Sarah Palin. SMH have a bit of a summary on her and how she got the job.
Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, will ask his former rival Hillary Clinton to step up her campaign appearances to shore up his support among women in blue-collar rural areas, where Senator McCain hopes to gain thanks for his pick of a self-described anti-abortion feminist.

Governor Palin, 44, certainly has a compelling life story. A former high school basketball star and beauty queen, she broke into public life on the Parent Teachers Association in the small town of Wasilla and subsequently became a local councillor and then mayor.

She unseated the Republican incumbent to become governor less than two years ago. And if the Republicans win the general election in November, she will be just the proverbial heartbeat away from replacing Senator McCain, a 72-year-old cancer survivor.

She is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association who was first taken moose hunting as a girl. She also supports the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in schools.

Both Republican and Democratic Party officials believe that the next few days will be crucial in determining whether Senator McCain’s pick will be seen as a masterstroke that transformed his prospects or a dangerous gamble that backfired.

All I can think right now is ... gee things just got really interesting. After such a prolonged campaign period that started what? More than a year ago now? I thought this was just going to draw out to a yawn by November. But now I think things just got really really interesting.

We have the Democrats making history by choosing the first black man to run for the US President. That's cool. It's more than cool. It's fricking awesome. Cept ... suddenly all the women went away. Is it just me? Or did the Democratic run just get wayyyyy male all of a sudden? Yes, yes there is Michelle Obama but that American thing where the wife and children go front and centre kind of freaks me out. Especially when they are there to show the family image and not really anything else - see Hillary Clinton as First Woman and how that went down. And now they are going to have HRC wander round as not really anybody other than the person Obama didn't choose for VP to somehow keep the female vote? It's insulting that they think there is such a thing - that women don't vote for policy but for gender but if that is true, that they would somehow vote for someone who *didn't* pick a woman?

Senator Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, said that Senator McCain had made a cynical tactical selection rather than choosing someone whose credentials he knew first hand.

He confirmed that the campaign is in talks with Senator Clinton about the frequency of her campaign events. "We want her to do as much as she is willing to do. She’s a great spokesperson for us and for change."

*cough* Not THAT much change though ... *cough*

But really ... I am letting the HRC for President or VP go. It's not constructive at this time. That said, Palin does look like an interesting choice, if nothing else. She will either take McCain to the White House or be the reason he doesn't go. That's gonna make this election riveting right to the very end now. And I'm excited!!!

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