girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


What is with today? Almost everyone I know in RL is feeling "off". I myself feel worse than I did yesterday even though I had lots of sleep, ate well and exercised. I'm gonna go get some water but I am definitely thinking that I am overloaded with commitments - big surprise. Somehow even though I bailed out a lot of commitments last month, I seem busier than I was 3 months ago. How did that happen?

On the other hand, I just have a bunch of deadlines all bunching up and I am sure once I start knocking them off, I will feel better. So thanks for everyone who reminded me to breathe - or to take my knickers off, untangle them and put them back on again. All that helped! Also, getting my inbox back down to under 70 emails helps. For some reason I feel that the number of emails in my inbox reflects how behind I am. 70 is the magic number *shrugs* Maybe if I changed that, I'd feel better?!

Anyway. Onwards. And hopefully upwards.

ETA: I meant to say that I am feeling like more and more of a zombie wandering through the day as the week wears on and that today, my entire choosing of the place to go to for drinks before the work dinner tonight was about which would suit better my cute shoes that I have brought in to wear to it. Cause as things get more and more complex, the simpler things in life amuse more and more.

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