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Climate Change

Last night I watched Q&A on the ABC which I'm finding a mix between enjoyable hearty discussion and dissection of issues and just plain annoying. The Labor rep dude, whose name alludes me right now was good until he wasn't ... "The Labor Party this and that" ... and ... whatever man.

However I was really amused by the Liberal guy who got caught between a rock and a hard place when discussing Adelaide's water crisis with the Murray Darling - "it's a combination of drought and climate change" he says.
"Wait a minute, does that mean that you acknowledge climate change?" he's asked.
"Well .... nooooooo.... well ... maybe .... look, it doesn't matter what the cause is," he back peddals, "the important thing is that we fix it."

Stupid stupid man. How can you fix something if you don't know where it's broke, eh?

And then this in Kenya today ... you reckon... climate change?
A HUGE hailstorm has turned parts of central Kenya white, thrilling residents most of whom had never experienced such conditions.

Hailstorms are not unusual in some parts of Kenya, which straddles the equator, but the ferocity of the storm in Busara, 255km northwest of the capital was unprecedented.

Excited villagers pelted each other with snowballs, while some ate pieces of the icy sheet that formed over an entire hillside.

"We thought a big white sheet had been spread, so we decided to come and see for ourselves. We thought that it was Jesus who had come back," one villager said.,23599,24297838-401,00.html

For the Australian Liberal Party's sake, I guess let's hope it was Jesus?


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