girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Politics Addict

I love it when my seat is an important one!!

In inner-northern Perth, Morley will be fought out between two high-profile candidates. Voters may punish the ALP after the wealthy, western suburbs-based television journalist Reece Whitby was parachuted into the working-class electorate, which is traditionally viewed as a safe Labor seat, with a swing of 9.9per cent needed for it to fall,

Former Labor minister John D'Orazio quit the ALP to run as an independent after Mr Whitby was preselected.

But Mr D'Orazio, a former police minister whose ALP career ended when he was caught up in a corruption scandal, is a popular and hard-working local member and is expected to poll strongly.,21598,24297707-2761,00.html

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