girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Happy Election Day!

I just exercised my democratic right to vote.

I LOVE voting. Seriously. It makes me very happy. And even though I had two kinda lamearse choices in my electorate, and even though the two main parties suck and are uninspiring, unoriginal, lack mandates, forethought or ideas ... I still got my kick out of voting. Because I love the process. I love that I - as a person, as a woman, as a Jewish person, as an unmarried woman ... - can walk proudly up to the school (I love that schools masquerade as polling places) and can vote. I love it! I know not everyone on the planet has that right or is allowed to exercise that right and I know those who have gone before me have not always been allowed that right so I do it proudly and happily. And everyone is always so nice and helpful.

I just love voting.

Though I do hate the hucksters out the front with all their paper. I vote GREEN for heavensake, don't give me paper that has been bleached and dyed, will be used for 5 minutes and discarded to landfill to pollute groundwater for years to come. Grrr... that's my only gripe.

I love also that they never actually verify you at the desk - you tell em your name, they cross you off, ask you if you've voted elsewhere today and hand over the papers. It's that simple. I love also that Australians are too apathetic to be bothered to rort that system.

I love that so many people I know are out here today helping out to make sure it all goes to the letter of the book.

I love elections!
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