girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Happy Day

Ever since I quit sea rescue, weekends feel so much longer. I didn't realise just how much that was cutting into my life - in terms of time to run errands being squeezed into two Saturdays a month. It's made a big difference in terms of having more time to catch up with people, to catch up with myself and my house. Maybe it's that spring is coming but right now, I am *finally* washing my woollens - I am terrible with those. I wear them the first sign of cold weather and then never get round to washing them so I can wear them again since you can't wash wool with normal washing and I barely get time to wash the main load in a week.

This week was quite crazy and I lost my hold on my house. I was getting quite bummed about it cause I thought that meant that I really wasn't on top of things at all and that systems I had in place were only managing day to day and not really helping with getting ahead or coping with overloaded weeks. But then I slept for 9 hours last night and still managed to get up and do a quick whip around and the place was reasonably decent. So maybe it was all just surface disorganisation and I am really getting somewhere in a broader sense on the war of Me versus The House.

Last night I had dinner at kathrynlinge's with calla_s and idling. It's been such a long time since we all caught up - so long in fact that I got a birthday present! It was something fantastic that I hope to use lots now that the weather is warm and I also got the buzz of Ooh Birthday! So that was fun! Anyway. It's been a long time and it was so nice to sit there and catch up - I kept thinking how nice it was to have all the family back together again! It was the start of a regular thang which has been late in getting started but I think will be a much treasured activity from now on. Although, planeterry and exp_err were missed!

And this morning I met M for brunch at Cottesloe. Was lovely to finally catch up with her and it's such an exquisite day today. The air was so crisp and clear you could see Rottnest very clearly. And the water was so blue. We sat in a cafe and fed our souls and our stomachs. And caught up. M always gives me such great advice and motivation and inspiration. Pretty much the best way to start a day and a weekend.

My phone has been going red hot. I was delegated the task of gift buying for Dad. Which I executed well, I think. We'll see. But a few people are going to pop past tonight which is nice - not that I was worried. A good election can be enjoyed on its own as well as with loved ones (I refer to the Ruddslide). And others wanting me to text em results as they come to hand.

Done the food shop and soon I will start putting things together for that. And now I am at home in my patio sitting at my very own cafe-esque table with free wifi in the sun.

Life is good!!

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