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Fascinating article: How the education system fails us

Interesting article in SMH. It's long so here is a snippet. How much of this do we then spend the next 10 years after school trying to figure out on our own? No wonder the world is a confusing place filled with mixed messages and inconsistencies.

Too many schools have lost sight of those things that will be used by our students when they become adults. The relevance of contemporary school education is compromised by many things, not least by exam systems designed not so much to prepare students for life, as to help them get into tertiary education or improve the resume.

What are the things students will use when they are grown up? Any serious answer is unlikely to omit things such as the ability to:

* live in community and forge good relationships;

* communicate well;

* know yourself and what you believe;

* handle intimacy and sex;

* control emotions and impulses;

* manage financial matters;

* do practical things, to clean, cook, make and mend;

* be good mannered and know etiquette;

* accept responsibility;

* be resilient and deal with grief and loss.

Doubtless more topics should be added, but a list even of this length begins to illustrate a chasm between what a student will use when an adult, and what a student is usually taught at school. There are glorious exceptions, of course, and most schools would be doing some things in some of the above areas, but I believe Western education is generally failing to offer its students relevant material.

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