girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Now with 10% more sex appeal

Ack, my life is on speed and I am at the moment blogging my life one day behind - which is kind of odd. Anyway, so much to write, so many things to reply to and other people's blogs to comment on. I will get there ... eventually.

My week has been very strange and it's only Wednesday morning! Last night I went to A's house after work and we took a lovely brisk walk around her area and then she and her beau had me over for dinner. So I'm chatting to them whilst they are in the kitchen and filling M in on some of the gossip I'd already downloaded to A about.

Me: So... apparently I have 10% more sex appeal at the moment
M: Well, if you keep working out and being happy all the time, then it will be a permanent shift
Me: No, my star chart says this week I have *10% more sex appeal*
M: Ahh... well, A didn't tell you the real reason we invited you over for dinner tonight ...

heh. But seriously. It's pretty funny and odd. Like, a boy walking to school this morning gave me the "hello" as he walked past my car whilst I was waiting in traffic - WTF?!

I'm totally just *being* in my life right now, no different to last week and it's suddenly all the crazy. And benpayne says: wonder what your starting percentage was? To which I replied, "obviously just below "action".


Life is on the run, as I said, and magic is definitely in the air all around. I'm out for dinner 4 nights this week and out for 3 meals on the weekend. So that's the reason for the slow replyage. Also, the novella is getting wrapped up. Final edited draft off to Dirk very early this morning. And the rest of that to get done tonight, somehow. Sekrit project manic phase due to loss of data. And then ... um ... 4 conventions of some kind in the next 6 weeks? Something like that. My house looks like a bomb hit it and I don't seem to have time to stand still. It's all good!

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