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I so intended to leave after dinner tonight at about 10ish and come home and tidy up my house and finish some work. And get to bed early. Ha! Had dinner with my oldest friend in the whole world. And *obviously* that takes longer than 3 hours!!! I hadn't seen her for ages and we had a lot to debrief, squeal and laugh about. Was tonnes of fun and also, as usual, lots of D&M and things to take away and think about. What I love about really old friends is ... they've known you through thick and thin and through all your "periods" and "ages" and they still love you. You can't get anything past them and they know and see the real you. Kinda gives perspective over every day small dramas. And you can't escape the truth they tell and see in you. Afterall, when someone has known you for 30 years ... they kinda *really* know *who* you are.

September is turning out to be a month of catchups and personal grounding in all sorts of ways. It's living up to my forecast for magic, that's for sure. And I'm getting perspective about a lot of things. And it's reinforcing the idea, for me, that I can be and am happy inside my own picture, as it is. It's warm and comfy in here and I kinda like the decor :-)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be catch up day - both for work and TPP and my life. I have no idea where I am or what I am supposed to be doing ... that will be interesting ... (yes L and J, I do know I am to be at dinner at 7.30!!! )

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