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My life exploded on Monday or Tuesday and I am simply running to keep upright at the moment. At least I was organised coming into this week and everything that I need to do or where I am supposed to be is in the diary and I am following that like my Bible. But it means that I can't organise myself for anything other than that right now - so sooooo sorry for being a total flake - I have like 120 emails in my inbox and unanswered text messages (sorry mynxi) and lack of confirming on things. I *hate* being this flustered but I have so much on to produce in the now that I feel like I am on one of those balls in the water and running to not fall off. (In that image, I'm gonna be a size 10 and wearing polka dot bikinis - cause, why not?)

Also work has exploded cause I suddenly realised I can totally empower myself and yo, use my TPP skills to get things organised and moving (T and B - the spreadsheeting - I just phased that into our work program - and I am still PINK!!). And so that means my whole week has been nuts. But in a good way, I think.

I just went to pilates - now called 'Lattes where we are cause of this really hilarious miscommuication phonecall .. And then thrown back into meetings all afternoon (ugh .. so unproductive! Cept for the second one that I organised to deal with ... becoming more productive!) Anyway - today 'Lattes amused me - we used the Rings of Fire to do the Clam. (Ow!!) and I learned this phrase - Window of Opportunity - as in, reach through the Window of Opportunity and grab your leg.

Okay - back to it.

Love yas!!!
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