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I'm trialling something today - not putting the TV on. Further, I've been hanging out in my studio and even sewing and working in here. I've got Ani DiFranco on in the background and I feel almost bohemian. Later, I might go to bed and read a novel. For fun. But then ... that's probably slightly too out there.

I got up early this morning and headed into the city for breakfast with kathrynlinge and our trainer and a couple of other friends. We had the buffer at the Hilton. I dunno. I mean, for $35, I want the kind of breakfast I imagine you get in Heaven (yes, Heaven for me involves breakfast. I LOVE breakfast). Sure there was *a lot* of choice but as a vegetarian, there's really only so many ways you can get croissants, juice, fruit, eggs and hash browns. And we only found out wayyy at the end that you can order cappuccinos instead of the horrible hotel coffee they insist on foisting on you. Also, sitting opposite my trainer and hoeing in, even when she said it was a "non-food diary" day? Less with the fun. Still, I am only just hungry now, so I can't have done too badly :-)

Off to the beauty salon for a few things as part of a new thing I am yet to blog about here. And then time for some hanging out, I mean working, before meeting jonathanstrahan for coffee. You know, he thinks he won by ordering a "skinny decaf flat white" after I ordered a "skinny flat white", but really, who wins when the prize is drinking some "beverage" that lacks both fat AND caffeine? Seriously. Anyway, was good to catch up with him post his World Con trip and he kindly always has an ear for me and offers me very good advice. Thanks J for removing the load and yay to getting off that spinning wheel device!!

Came home and took a long hot bath with Cory Doctorow, well, his book anyway, and a nice little nip of something something. Mmmm....

Relaxing day after the hard whirlwind of the week gone.

Now to all that slush, proofing, editing, reviewing and emailing.

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