girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Sekrit project is DONE! Yay.

Must be time for bed and the week to begin. Sigh. Where did the time go?

Today had a great day. Got the book off to catsparx. Then went to training where she made me walk up Mounts St a lot of times. It hurt a lot. Then I came home, showered and rushed back out to meet grouchiegrrl at the Hyatt for High Tea. Gosh that was enormous fun! And grouchiegrrl organised gluten free for me so I went home not in pain or any discomfort - how lovely of her. And guess what cassiphone? We had panacotta in shot glasses!! Hee. I decided at the last minute to dress up and wore my new shoes again - any excuse at all, really! So much fun to sit in the lobby with the tinkling piano and get fussed over by the staff. Felt utterly spoiled and just a little bit Carrie Bradshaw (mostly that was the shoes). We've decided this is a "must do regularly" outing! Yay!

I popped into visit my sister and BIL on the way home to see their new house which they spent the weekend moving into. Its the biggest house I've ever seen. I have visions of them asking me to babysit there one day and getting lost trying to find my way back from the bathroom. I took the tour and forgot the beginning by the time I got to the end. And the whole time I kept thinking "she has this enormous house now, are we *really* this old, already?" And I guess we are. Huh.


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