girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

My sister

So last night, as I said, I popped past my sister's to see their place and whathaveyou. They've moved into the Ghetto which can only mean one thing. But still, it's nice since I also live in the Ghetto which means she's not that far away from me anymore. I pretty much got lost going to her old place every single time I went there - I have no idea why. It's not even over the river or anything.

So last night I got to pop in and then stand at her kitchen bench and talk to her whilst she prepared dinner for her and her husband. And you know how I was talking about "fairytale endings" before? I guess this is also the sort of thing that I meant - that I could pop in and see my sister, catch up on my life with her, chat and laugh whilst she goes about her domestic thing and then pop in my car and go home. Just ... I dunno ... having things/life together? I guess I'm thinking that it would be cool to point out the snapshots of this "fairytale ideal" as they happen both for myself, to see that I am living that story, and also to sort of show what I meant by "happily ever after".

Anyway. She's my younger sister. Not sure that I've really talked about her all that much here - for a bunch of reasons. But she's so cute. And she gets quite riled up when she hates people in my life. And she was all ... "wasting your time" in reference to the ex as though he had deliberately sat down and schemed to rob me of my late twenties or something. She's very down to earth and pragmatic and calls it as it is and is far less forgiving to people who have wronged me (or she sees as having wronged me) than I am. And just for a little while, at the end of a weekend, it was nice to stand in that glow. And feel loved, I guess.
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