girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Reduction in workload?

It's funny how when you have really pressing deadline related things, you can't really see beyond them. All your focus and concentration has to be on those and you are just constantly pushing yourself to get them done. Because you have to. And you dream about the AfterTime, when you no longer have to do this task and you can just do whatever you want.

Humph. You always forget that by focussing on this time related task, you have a tonne of other things piling up and when you get done with the big pressing thing, you're gonna have to do mop up of those as well as just the daily grind stuff. And the other stuff waiting to be done when you had some time.

Last night, I finished the second big push thing at 11.45pm and *then* remembered I hadn't actually done my laundry and had no clean clothes to wear today. So there I am at 12.30, waiting for the stupid machine to finish because it has this annoying beep beep till you switch it off.

And then all the other things I have let slide this last week - shiny slush, Shiny Issue 4, TPP website and .... Last Short Story. And cassiphone has been at the spreadsheet. I could very well lose the race and come last this year - just gonna peek in now and see the damage ...

OH MAN!!! After all that hard (sporadic) work over the last 8 months ... she's only frigging 50 shorts behind me. How does she *do* that?!

(That good enough a shriek for ya T?)
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