girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Almost off to bed. I got none of tonight's planned work done. Am tired. I got home late because I dropped past my parent's after the gym, had a coffee and picked up what I won in the Art Auction:

By cassiphone. Now I just need to work out where you hang creepy art in your house. It's not the bedroom, I'm thinking.

I also popped past my PO Box, even though it was after 6. And I found a couple of red slips in there. I love my post office. I love the small town feel of it. Three slips, one of them registered which I think must be andymacrae's special package - thanks Andy! And then one that is just regular mail and someone has written "Books :-)" on it. Love them!!!

Probably won't get there till Thursday either cause of gym tomorrow arvo. Today was a really good session. I tried out the intervals program on the treadmill which was a really good workout. And then I managed 7 pushups on my toes plus 3 at half time (which equals 6 normal ones). Nearly up to a full set of pushups. Which I am oddly driven to be able to do in case I ever end up in prison. I don't know why. Chin ups are next.

Am trying to process the idea of being away from the internet next week whilst I am out in the field. I might get hives or something.
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