girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

We're a kinkier generation

I know y'all love it when I post articles my mother has sent me about Oral Sex. Today she sent me this one from the SMH.

Oral sex is the "new black" in the bedrooms of many Australians, according to leading sexual health experts who believe improved hygiene standards and feminism are turning more couples onto the practice.

The Australasian sexual health congress in Perth has been told oral sex, once the exclusive domain of sex workers, has now become a leading part in the sexual repertoire for straight and gay Australians.

"For young people it's an almost universal practice now, with 90 per cent trying it before the age of 30," said Basil Donovan, a professor of sexual health at the University of NSW.

-- snip--

He also theorised that improvements in cleanliness was the biggest driving factor in the popularity of oral sex.

"I can't prove it but my theory is that when people only had a bath on Saturday night oral sex was a less attractive prospect," Prof Donovan said. "The aesthetics changed when people started washing more often."


I'd commentate here but ... you know, my mother sent me this article and she sometimes reads my blog and does she *really* want to know my thoughts? Do *you*?

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