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Running running running ...

... straight into a brick wall. Been running round like a headless chicken all day trying to get a bunch of stuff done and write handover notes thinking I was not going to be back in the office till next Friday and M will be the only one personing the fort till then but she won't be in till Monday and ... we just cancelled the field trip for tomorrow so, actually I get one more day. That was exhausting.

*takes homonculus's advice, finds a dark corner, takes undies off, puts undies back on and starts over again*

Right. Where was I? What's my name again?

I love how I have this ridiculously short term memory. This last week I deliberately scheduled lots of downtime to recover from the stupidly busy few weeks from before and to prepare for the stupidly busy few weeks to come (starting today). And in that short time - of 4 days - I completely forgot what it's like to be that busy. Remember how I empathised last week for people who are constantly that busy? Yep. Gone. Totally forgotten. And back to the frustration of not having a clue why people don't return calls or emails or texts instantly. And then today? Got a bunch of unanswered stuff that I couldn't get to and am back in that headspace and am like ... oh ... yeah ... ooops.

You know, I have to hang out with myself ALL the time. I never get a break. It's *really* tiring.

Anyway. Even though I didn't have time, I had scheduled in a visit to the State Library with editormum today for the book club do with Sean Williams and his very new and shiny Star Wars book: The Force Unleashed. Yeah we went to go and say hi to ladnews who was his smiley relaxed self. Was an intimate few who were very enthusiastic about Star Wars and the Game that the book is a "novelisation" (gameisation?) of. Was great to hear about the trial and tribulations and his excitement to be writing it and be involved in the George Lucas machine. And he was so excited about it and he made it sound so interesting that I bought myself a copy of it even though I had had no intention of doing so when we showed up. Plus its signed. Seriously though, I am really interested in reading it and finding out what happens between Episodes 3 and 4. I may just take it with me down south next week for bedtime reading on the field trip.

So ... yes. I am about to do 6 days of very little to no internet access. I think I may take antihistamines. Y'all can still contact me by mobile (I think and Pls GpD hope!!). But it goes something like this:

Friday night: Femmeconne
Saturday morn: random chores, then Femmeconne
Saturday evening: J's going away do
Sunday: KSP Minicon
Monday through Thursday: Myalup, field work
Friday through Sunday: wash underwear, remember my name
Monday: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
Thursday night: Leave for Canberra
Friday through Monday: Conflux
Wednesday Night: Kol Nidre (Day of Atonement begins)
Thursday: Yom Kippur (Fasting and atoning)
Friday night: Family still in town for Atoning.
Various weekend things
Woot free Week!
Saturday and Sunday: Wastelands II
and then its like nearly November and I should deep breathe.
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