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I just got my email inbox down to 140 emails! This is *before* the weekend of madness! Hmmm ... Work is also still crazy.

You can find me this weekend at Femmeconne and specifically at 11am on Saturday morning with transcendancing on a panel called ...

A discussion about trusting that the people around you know what they're talking about. This is about you, and your impact on the world. This about you being unsure of where you're going and how - sometimes it helps to trust the impression of those around you. Also, if you can see the wonderful and admirable things in those around you - trust that others will see in you similar things.
(Found the lj post this came from - it's flocked but included this I've had a day where random people keep randomly telling me how awesome or extraordinary I am. But I'm also having a day where ... it doesn't really matter. Cause it doesn't much change anything one way or another does it?
I wonder if this counts as preparation for the panel ..

You can find also find me on Sunday at the KSP Minicon on two panels:

12.00 noon Panel "What's Hot and What's Not - trends in Speculative Fiction":
Elaine Kemp, Alisa Krasnostein, Ian Nichols and Grant Stone

4.00 pm Panel "How to get out of the Slushpile":
Lyn Battersby, Janet Blagg, Stephen Dedman; Alisa Krasnostein; Tehani Wessely

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