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And then

Following on from that post, I guess I have also felt that in some ways I haven't wanted to blog here freely about my own spiritual and mystical journey that I am on. Some of the comments left here in response to things I have said previously have been a little dismissive of what I think and how I live my life. And I guess I'd kind of like to ask people to be respectful that this is my space where I place my own little voice. If you don't like what I think or do or you think it's mumbo jumbo, I encourage you to defriend me and stop reading.

Because I guess in addition to the other post, I have also been reexploring my own spirituality and trying to get back in touch with that part of my self. I mentioned before that I had a star chart drawn up for six months, which expires at the end of October and that's been a lot of fun. This week's thing though talked about the fact that I should not be afraid to ask for help when I needed it because it would be ready and available. And I kept wondering what on Earth that would be related to but when I was driving home just now I realised that this week I had two really big issues that both caused me crises of self and or action, in two very different spheres of my life. And I got quite worked up into a state over both of them, quite separately. But I was lucky in that I had people to turn to - several for each (cause it's taking quite a large village to raise *this* child) - and who all willingly stepped in, gently listened, provided unconditional love and then carefully explained why this was not actually a problem at all. If you provided an ear to me some time this week, I want to thank you. I really appreciate it and would not be so calm and collected and relieved without you.


And also just to say that I am having an awesome time at Femmeconne and callistra is utterly amazing with her catering abilities. I've never seen anyone so elegantly and capably deal with so many dietary issues. She rocks!
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