girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
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OMG! I am a Nana!

I'm in that postCon buzzing headspace where electrons are whizzing up and flying around in my head and I'm not sure I'm likely to make much sense. But if I don't get stuff down, I'm worried I'll forget it since tomorrow it's a different con entirely and then I will be incommunicado here till Thursday night.

Just back from J's going away party where I had a lovely time, mostly whispering snarkily and laughing loudly with looneymoth on the couch. And I was shown the "colour of sadness". I think essentially I'm like a 6 year old kid - I don't need drugs or alcohol, just a bunch of people I like - gets me the right kind of high, I guess. I met some of J's other friends and had to apologise to her because I didn't put them back the way I found them. Oops! (You're sick ... but funny.)

Also, I met N who had spotted my name on 2012 in Planet bookshop and recognised it only from having seen it on J's group emails. When I met him tonight he asked me as he was being introduced to me, "Are you the famous small press SF publisher?" What a lovely man! And it turns out that he has a stack of 15 or 20 issues of ASIM.

I gave looneymoth a lift there and back and got lost about 4 times, twice there and twice back. I had a splitting headache all afternoon and the brain just stopped doing spatial. Entirely. By the time we were heading home, we were in fits of laughter over it. It was just too sad. But I'd been telling her about my trip home last night where I had seen 3 kangaroos, at 11.30 at night (I was still in the metro area so that's kinda pretty rare). And suddenly I'd noticed that in trying to be very careful and not get sideswiped, I'd leant all the way forward and was peering over my steering wheel like an old granny driver. I feel too young to have experienced that! So tonight we had this uproaring conversation:

L: OMG! Where are we?! Was that Midland back there?
Me: I don't know! Is that a PRISON?!
L: Yes!
Me: Where are we?
L: OMG!! I think we're heading towards the Swan Valley.
Me: Oh NO! I've driven the wrong way. Again.
L: Hang on. I think if we chuck a left here ..
Sign reads: MORLEY
Me: We'll hit Morley.

No idea how that happened. I live not far from there. But I still managed to get off Tonkin Hwy the wrong way and head back up to the Airport.

Me: I've driven the wrong way!
L: And you're leaning forward again.
I sit back up straight
L: Would you like a cap?

My face hurt so much from laughing all the way home.


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