girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

How many coffees till my headache goes away?

editormumwill be here to pick me up in an hour and I'm still sitting here blogging in the nude. You know, you'll miss me when I'm gone for the next 4 days.

I'm in awe of the amazing feats that the people around me pull off every day. I've been trying to think of the skills that I want to put forward and say I am good at or find easy to do that others may not. But I also want to think really broadly and outside the tradional skill type thing.

Like, on Friday I showed up to femmeconne exhausted and frazzled and totally incoherent with my knickers in a knot about things. mynxi found me and gave me a hug and made me a cup of tea. That in itself was awesome and made me feel loved and comforted instantly. I always think a cup of tea made by someone else tastes just that much better. And then she sat and talked me through my problem. And has been reminding me all weekend that it is fine and that I am fine. She is the awesome.

She is also the awesome for pulling together the programme at late notice, of moderating it and helping it be as fluid as it needed to be and delineating it where that needed to happen. If you want a programmer with grace and elegance ... well mynxi is the one you would go to for help and it would all be pulled off with fanfare and ease.

I was constantly impressed and blown away by callistra's organisation and catering skills. She had a fridge with every possible milk preference in it for goodness sake! I spent the whole weekend drinking lactose free milk. I personally am not going to die if I consume lactose or gluten and am a bit lax on the whole thing unless I have pushed myself over the balance (and I can usually tell you where I am on the tolerance level at any given moment of the day). But if I consume a lot of lactose or gluten, I will be in discomfort - my choice and I own that. But to not even have to think or make the choice because someone else has just catered for you and it's just *there* when you go to get milk ... well, I was constantly blown away by that. It made me feel included and thought of every single time. And I didn't even notice that I wasn't in any discomfort the whole weekend.

Not only that but she had taken in her stride catering for everyone's dietary preferences/requirements. I only had dinner on the Friday night but it was curry night and there were two veg options, one canned food-free, two meat options and a bunch of other things and everything had a label so you didn't have to ask or guess AND then she had posted the recipes on the door so you could check exactly what had gone into everything. I don't think you can feel much more loved and cared for and considered. I have spent my life having to quiz people about what goes into what and this was just so awesome. And the whole weekend was nut free to boot. And then she smiled and joked and looked relaxed the whole time. callistra I bow down to you! Thanks so much for a stress free weekend!

Gonna stop squeeing now and go get dressed and think about "What's hot and what's not".

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