girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Just back in from the KSP Minicon which was lots of fun. Still have my raging headache from yesterday which meant I couldn't stop in on cricketk on the way home and I want to apologise for being vague and unfocussed all day (to thise that had to deal with that). But! I still very clearly remember the bit where a bunch of my "friends" stood round and agreed I couldn't have a puppy. I so *would* remember to feed it! *pouts* And I won the prize raffle - books!! And as I went in to collect them I heard a bunch of people say "as if I need more books" Heh (plug and pun in there in one!)

Met a bunch of new people. Bought some stories (apparently). Talked some other people into sending me stuff. Got some names of people to hassle for stories. And maybe bought and sold a few projects. Just my average Sunday!

Heading for a bath now. Then maybe I can face dinner and packing. And editing. And then bed.
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