girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


I had intended to sit down and blog properly about the last few days - I tool notes n'everything. Course, as soon as you sit down after rushing around, the tiredness hits and you can hardly move let alone be bothered doing anything of import. Perhaps I'll blog more about it tomorrow. At the moment, I think the thing I am most impressed with having done/learned this last week was peeing with ease in the bush. I think I have that one perfected now. Also, I didn't realise how scared I actually am of wild pigs. And it turns out I don't much like wearing waders - yes there are photos out there - though they are nifting for ... well, wading and standing round in freezing cold water.

Possibly my favourite bit was finding native orchids at one of our sites - I found three species. Took a few photos and they should make their way here eventually too. Definitely now more interested in bush walking and wildflower hunting. Especially since I have finally sorted the "toilet issue".

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