girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

taking a breather

So I'm kinda taking a breather from my personal life at the moment - you might have noticed the lack of postings about such things (if you waded through the other personal posts). It's sort of a bit out of control - you know that point where you are driving a car and it's getting out of control? There's the bit just before that moment where you think if you steer fast enough or you apply the right amount of acceleration or brake at exactly the right moment, you can bring it all back into line and under your control? Well, my life is on the other side of that moment right now, where you realise you were fooling yourself to think you ever had this large mass under your control, you take your hands off the wheel, lift your feet up and just kinda watch, a bit removed from the situation, with vague curiosity to see where you end up and what you hit on the way.

Yeah, I think that kinda sums my whole life up right now.

Lots is happening. Nothing is happening. Somedays my life is filled to overflowing with people and love, and somedays it's not.
And I've hung up a "Gone Fishing" sign (see previous post) and am out to lunch.

Weird weird things keep getting thrown at me from all kinds of directions. It's sort of odd. You wouldn't believe me if I told you and yet that's kinda also the way things always are round these parts.


See you in Canberra next week!!! I have three days of work left and almost no shopping days in which to get all my to do things done.

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