girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Testing new icon.

In other news, as examples of what I mean about my life being like an out of control car ...

Somehow today I may have signed up for the following:

- adoption of two rescue dogs - they looked sooo sweet and soo sad - both from a neglected house and have grown close as they survived their situation and can't be separated. Both about 3 yrs old, I think, and not small dogs. Not definite. Just something I am pursuing. Yes I will be home more if I get them and yes I will remember to feed them.
- going to Wiscon - plans kinda been fleshed out sorta - may involved some kind of Thelma and Louise type plan but with less killing, I mean, no killing
- helping run a new con next year. Maybe.

You know. Just an ordinary Friday in my world.

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