girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Gonna pop a cap in your ass!

Girlie movie day this arvo at my place with looneymoth and kathrynlinge. It's stupid and teen movies theme and we're sposed to be working/getting things done at the same time. I wrote a long list.

L: You better watch this and get inspiration to do your work!
K: Yeah, or else you'll end up in the 'hood.
gj: I don't wanna a cap in my ass.

I'll end up in a bad place if I don't get my slushing done.

But I keep forgetting that life is not a Hollywood movie - man, if I could get this sorted, the world would make much more sense. I liked what L said to me earlier though - "each reality is it's own reality". Hmmm ... doesn't that mean that *one* of them will be like the movies then?

Hang on, I gotta go kick it!


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