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Conflux Panel

So I am sitting on two panels at Conflux next weekend plus our book launch:

Canterbury Tales 2100, Creeping in Reptile Flesh and Angel Rising Books Launch on Sunday at 3pm

Community talk - have blogs and websites replaced fanzines? Fiona McLennan, Jaime McDougall (chair), Alisa Krasnostein, Sue Ann Barber, Nyssa Pascoe
Monday 9am (I think I should phone in my excuse now which is - still asleep in (possibly not my*) bed and/or no longer coherent)

(And really, surely the short answer is "yes" since ... check out where we are right now and what we are doing).

The curse of gender – do men and women read and write differently? Russell Blackford, Donna Hanson (chair), Keith Stevenson, Alisa Krasnostein
Monday 11am

And this is the one I am pondering about. Do men and women read and write differently? I was thinking about it in the shower - where I do all my good thinking - and I realised that Trent Jamieson is the only male author we have published in Shiny, twice actually, and I'm pretty sure both the protagonists were female. We had the gay love story in Issue 3, but written by a female author. So it makes me wonder whether female writers and stories are what appeal to me more as a reader?

*Kidding Mum! Just kidding! :-P

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