girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Ow! I'm blind now!

OMG! I just found out something that I don't think I'll ever have been old enough to know!

Which led to this:

gj: Oh no! I never thought I was vanilla! But maybe I *am* vanilla
K: Well ... there's "vanilla" and then there's "*chocolate*"
L: I think it's more like a spectrum
K: I'm more like "frappucino"
L: Did you say something about "gerkins"?

gj: I will never ever be the same again. I'm always going to look just that little bit older.
L: And how do you find out that you're into *that* anyway? Do you just wake up one day ...

I think I have burst something in my brain, it hurts!

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