girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


From homonculus to me: Thank you for making me feel better about my pile.

Heh. *totally* unrelated to previous subject matter on this blog!

Seriously though, we were talking about how big our to read piles were - like nonprofessional, for fun reading. I reckon my pile is at least 5 years worth. And that's probably just being polite. Bearing in mind that I read slowly and mostly 8 books at a time. But ... I do worry that I will run out of things to read. What if there was a strike that meant I couldn't get to a library or my friends' house and I ran out of things to read?! And I read by mood so I need to have a bunch of things on the go, in all directions (nf, bios, shorts, novels, sf, romance, murder mystery etc etc). And finally, people keep giving me read lists to work through! Too much to read, too little time.

The other night, I pulled out V for Vendetta and started it. Looks pretty good, though a tad depressing. Coupled with Little Brother which I am also reading and Sean Williams' Star Wars Force Unleashed and my recreational reading is very dark indeed!

Aside: OMG! editormum just "ruined" a batch of cupcakes and they are OMG the best cupcakes I have *ever* eaten in my life! Nigella's Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes.
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