girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Broken Brain

Conversation with editormum

gj: Oh this reminds me, when I have kids, will you teach me these kinds of things? I already asked callistra that too ...
T: What things?
gj: Oh you know, with microwaving and babies
T: Don't microwave babies.
T: You can go to jail for that.
gj: Oh. Okay. Thanks.


Overheard from the kitchen:

T: Oh goody! Finally something I can lick!


Argument between editors:

gj: I thought I'd wing it. Last week I wung it.
T: What??
gj: Past tense of "wing" is "wung" ...

Isn't it? Or is it "wang". T thinks it's "winged" - surely not?
Man, tomorrow I am back at normal life but the brain got broked some time this last few days.
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