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So I think I knew something was afoot even before leaving for dinner as I had started writing a post about it but ran out of time.

I had just turned the shower on and was about to hop in when my phone rang. So I switch off the taps, answer the phone and my mother says,"So 20 people are going to dinner tonight. So I'm dressing up a notch from usual."
Me: ?
My mother: well just that I had visions of you racing in from Rockingham, jumping in the shower and throwing on whatever.
*I look around to see if there is a webcam or something over my shoulder*
Me: Well I'm just jumping into the shower now. I'll see what I feel like wearing when I get out.

Weird right? Not so with hindsight.

But I was a bit paranoid so I did dress "up a notch from usual" - wore eyeliner and mascara and hoped for the best. When I went to my mother's on the way there she reiterated the 20 people. I pointed out that so what? There are always like 20 people for dinner at my aunt and uncle's.

Little did I know.

I didn't clue on till there was a Seating Chart. And when I peered over my uncle's shoulder I noticed I was nowhere near my parents and D (my other uncle) where I normally locate myself. Grr... Then it dawns on me. I'm being set up! To meet someone! Thank goodness I had my happy shiny shoes on! I love them and they make me happy.

Remember that blog post from last week about my personal life being this out of control car that I am watching from a distance with vague interest? THIS exactly is the kind of thing I mean. Cause seriously, nothing like meeting someone for the first time with your parents sitting opposite you, his older sister sitting next to him and his nieces and my cousins looking on from one end of the table and my uncles and aunt from the other. What if you *did* hit it off? Worse, what if you hated them?

He was a very nice man, however. I did put him through the 10 Qn Interview though I don't think he noticed. I used my dad as Wing Man and I don't think he noticed either. Meh. I was bored and was stuck there for 3 hours, what else is a gal in shiny shoes to do? And the dish - he's a doctor working in pharmaceuticals, divorced and intelligent, broad interests, funny and well travelled. He was interested and listened and remembered things I had told him about me. I didn't notice *I* was getting a bit of the interview when he asked me if I travelled much with my job until on the way home when I got filled in on the reason his marriage didn't work out. (Also I quizzed my mother - did she KNOW, and she said she got a hint this afternoon and so was worried since I had been away all week that I might just throw on pink and red or something. What's wrong with pink and red?) Definite plus was - he lives in London and spends half the year in Paris. I could definitely live that life :)

But as awkward and a bit cringeworthy as it was ... they do this because they love me and they want me to be happy. And it's nice that they love me and want me to be happy.

Highlight of my evening though was when one of my aunt and uncle's friends - very important doctor person - said - I love your shoes!!! And I was like, OMG! These are my favourite new thing!! (Probably loses something in translation if you don't read this blog ...)
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