girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


So as I was driving in this morning I realised that it's only 2 sleeps till Conflux!!!!!!! Cause I am taking the red eye out on Thursday night.

OMG!!! I totally thought I would be packed and ready and stuff and I still haven't decided on my dress for the banquet yet!

Very excited - like school camp but without the teachers and with wayyyy more alcohol!

*bounce bounce bounce*

Also ... am about to whack up some more prepaid options for books we are launching at Conflux as well as Scary Cookbook which I have just discovered has a limited run.

Yes you can take space in my suitcase coming home and have me shop for you. Just let me know. I feel a bit like that section in Pride and Prejudice where someone visits from London and the girls are all "but what of the fashions in London! Tell me about the dresses!!"

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