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And on the US Presidential race

So I know that McCain said he suspended his campaign ... but um, what did he actually do that was different? Will we know when it's unsuspended???

On Palin from below. And looks like the VP debate will be on Friday? I NEED to watch that!!! Wonder what time.

REPUBLICAN White House hopeful John McCain today defended his running mate Sarah Palin amid growing criticism of the vice-presidential nominee, telling supporters "she's going to be my partner in Washington".
Senator McCain devoted the beginning of his speech to praise Governor Palin, in the first rally since he announced the suspension of his campaign last week in response to the country's financial crisis.

"She's a bit of a maverick herself," Senator McCain told the rally in Columbus, Ohio. "She's going to be my partner in Washington. She's a leader and knows what it means to put country first."

Governor Palin has faced rising criticism in the press, including among conservative commentators, for avoiding the media over the last four weeks. The attacks have also expressed doubts about the Alaska governor's potential ability to serve as vice president.

Her Democratic counterpart, vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden, has given over a hundred interviews with national and local media since being nominated in late August.

Governor Palin has given three interviews, including her most recent interview with CBS News last week that has prompted calls, even among some former supporters, for her to step down as the nominee.

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker wrote this week that Governor "Palin is clearly out of her league" and called for her to leave the race.

Speaking at the Columbus rally alongside Senator McCain, Governor Palin said: "Here in Ohio, the high price of gas is making a full tank seem like a luxury."

She told Ohio supporters the McCain-Palin ticket would mine coal resources in the region, in contrast to their Democratic opponents.

Today, Governor Palin will travel from Columbus to Sedona, Arizona - where Senator McCain owns property - to prepare for the vice-presidential debate on Friday.

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