girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Rosh Hashanah, Second Night

So I went to my parents for second night Yontev (Yiddish for "Good Day" and used to mean "Holy Day") and was just me, them and D. And the four of us were in a bit of a silly mood and much silliness prevailed. And, cause the day is a bit off kilter as previously mentioned, my Dad totally spat back tea into his cup cause of something funny that happened - I'm not sure I've ever seen him laughing that much before (he's mostly quite serious). And there was OMG the most biscuits you could ever imagine on one table at one time, after dinner. My parents spent the long weekend baking biscuits and strudel - like 6 different kinds and 3 batches of each or something. There were about nine large tupperware containers open for perusal. I think it was in memory of my grandmother who always baked fresh biscuits for Yontev. There's gonna be a lot of biscuits for a while though, methinks.

And that was Rosh Hashanah!

Next comes Yom Kippur.
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